“49% of people say they truly depend on suggestions from influencers when making some purchase decisions.” 

What is the concept that has been affecting the purchase decisions of people and influencing them and has created excitement in today’s era of development? 

Influencer marketing  in today’s era is a marketing form in social media channels by the people that are termed as social media influencers. Influencer idea may be fabricated as testimonial advertising where a person plays the role of an active buyer or by some other third party.These third parties exist either in supply sequence like retailers, manufacturers etc. People recently have been talking about Influencer Marketing.But it’s not going to substitute social or content marketing, as it is an extension of them.

The rising provocation of influencer marketing campaigns in India can be seen by a new survey of about 500 brands and content creators. Conveyed out by Bazooka, an influencer marketing company, the Influencer Marketing Outlook survey claims  almost three quarters of brands (73%) aim to raise their spending on influencer marketing every year. Marketers have started looking beyond the usual dubitables, sports and Bollywood stars who they have rubric turned for endorsement.

About 80% of respondents say those who have built up a good  follower base, in millions based solely on their social media content are important for their effective marketing campaigns. From celebrities to the rising class of micro-influencers , who are experts in the respective field with smaller but highly active followers,influencers are emerging as a critical marketing instrument for brands, recent surveys claim.

“Influencers help brands grow awareness and deliberation.  Risingly, they’re also a great help to activate sales.” 

On average, more than two-thirds of marketers claim that they spend dollar 50,000 on each influencer campaign every year, for each brand. In the last year, most companies spent about 5% to 7% of their total marketing budget on influencers, although 73% of companies also claim their budget can rise in the upcoming years. A major petition is that time spent on an influencer campaign undoubtedly short, where most people say that they spend around 10 hours on an  average.

The biggest challenge viewed by marketers is their ROI, according to a survey. The problem with the calculation of ROI on influencer spending was given by around 46% of respondents, and just 4% listed ROI as the main attraction of influencer campaigns.

One of the key difficulties, marketers face is the huge number of fake followers in different fields. Finding influencers who have the right following with a brand is the second most faced challenge for about 42% of people. 

These influencers are being trusted by millions of consumers, and marketers have been paying attention too. It turns out for about 86% the use of influencer marketing since last year has risen and budgets for influencer marketing are skyrocketing evidently. Social media has given people a good opportunity to create their own brand through electrifying content and engagement with their audience.

These new influencers are emerging more than the current celebrities. Since more engagement of people have been seen on social media networks every day, companies begin to realize they can influence these platforms for their marketing campaigns. Interest in influencer marketing has raised, which states that a lot of research has been done which has brought some overwhelming statistics.

The recent research states the earnings on various social media channels  can also be done through promoting the advertisements, and has been creating a great campaign. 

CPM model means Cost per Mile model, that is the amount paid by an advertiser to have its value served against videos for any 1000 views. Each moment an ad video is played completely it is termed as an impression. A person gets his earning potential from various social media channels mainly youtube with highest earning percentage for youtubers upto 86%, followed by tiktok with 76% and numerous other channels. The best example of youtube earning is Bhuvan bam, also known as BB ki Vines who is better known  by every person in today’s era, and is a better known emerging celebrity as well.

The first two steps in earning online money from YouTube is to open an account and starting account monetization.  Accepting monetization also needs to accept YouTube’s advertising guidelines and connecting to the AdSense account for the payment section. There is about a 55% split for all content editors, so Google keeps about 45% of all YouTube advertising on a person’s videos, and they get the remaining 55%. In 2013, the average cost per mile for YouTube was approximately dollar 7.60 and is getting boom in today’s era. CPM  is an industry that represents revenue per thousand views. In 2013, the average income for each YouTuber is somewhat around dollar 7.60 for every thousand views.

A video with 500 views can earn roughly about dollar 3.80. A video like Gangnam Style with a billion views earned dollar 7.8 million. Some videos earn a higher or lower than average rate depending on their video content. Videos containing copyrighted music do not earn revenue for the video , and some topics that may not attract advertisers.

Average a person can earn dollar 1 per 1000 views.The figures keep on changing, henceforth they are vague in nature. Advertisers only pay when someone clicks an ad or watches an ad for about 5 to 30 minutes. If a video gets millions of views but nobody clicks on ads, then they don’t make any single penny.  Once the link is done between AdSense account and the YouTube account, the person will receive money for each video monthly.

Once a person accumulates dollar 100 in earnings, Google will issue a payment to their bank account. A person can choose to be paid via direct deposit that might not be available in all countries or cheque but comparatively the direct deposit is the fastest method. The CPM model makes influencer marketing the new hype that makes earning a fluid way for the new upcoming generation!

“Influencer marketing is the procedure of identifying, researching, engaging and supporting people who create interactions impacting brand, product and services.”



“ Nearly 40% of twitter users say they have made purchases as a direct result of a tweet as an influencer”

What is this term called that influences people when making some purchase related decisions? The term we generally know as Influencer marketing! Influencer marketing is when companies collaborate with the influencers in order to increase brand awareness or conversions among the selected target audience. It is actually a mixture of old and new marketing tools, taking the idea of the celebrity formalization and placing it into a modern day content marketing campaign.

The main differences arises is the result of campaigns, that are usually collaborations between the brands and the influencers. About 73% of marketers claim that they have allocated budget for influencer marketing.

The aim of influencer marketing is to identify influencers in the respective field and make them work for the company by promoting their brand and raising the brand value. It is basically a linkage between social media marketing and content marketing, but is not supposed to be mixed with social media marketing!  Influencers, unlike celebrities, can be anywhere. They can be anyone. What makes them influential is their large followings on the web and social media. Within any industry, there are influential people, there is a requirement of an eye to find them.

They are easily recognized by their hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of followers, and that’s the target audience you’re after. Influencers are people who’ve spent time building their own brand and cultivating their audience; they will be naturally protective of their reputation and the people who trust them. They’re people who had the patience and focus to succeed in social media, one organic follower at a time—people like this aren’t interested in a quick payout.

Influencer marketing has taken a good growth in the recent times! India has plenty of risk averse people, that are ready to raise their brand value to a certain level. Influencer marketing is growing rapidly and one must have heard about the advantages of word of mouth marketing. We can finally say that the Indian companies are tapping into the world of influencer marketing, raising the bars of growth. Being risk averse, Indian consumers are increasingly relying on influencers and word-of-mouth to decide on their purchases.

This should be seen as an opportunity to influence the available influencers to encourage more sales through any  online platform. To be able to leverage on influencer marketing there is a need of the form of reassurance for consumers that would definitely bring positive impact on the brand’s ROI.

Influencer marketing is like knitting a needle in the thread, seems easy but is not everyone’s cup of tea! What are the causes that make it difficult are the mistakes made by the companies in influencer marketing.

Common mistakes in influencer marketing:


  • Confusing influencer marketing for celebrity endorsements

Celebrities are only one type of influencers that a person may want to influence. Besides them, building relationships with micro-influencers and brand visuals, tapping into the power of brand advocates and even insighting opportunities with unhappy customers all of these represent powerful influencer marketing venues. An Expert  survey of about 6,000 internet users found out that approximately 82% of them were highly likely to follow a recommendation made by an influencer. According to observations influencer marketing campaigns run through celebrities but the activation of 30 to 40 micro-influencers can result in even more business. So, do not mess up influencer marketing of a tweet by a tv star!

  • Prioritizing influencer’s reach 

Much has been said and written, yet the newbies tend to prioritize the number of followers above anything. If a person is looking to simply broadcast a marketing message, creating brand awareness, then the reach may be important. If a person is  looking for the influencer marketing campaign to result in an action like form submission, newsletter sign-up, sale, etc then pick the partners based on engagement value.

  • Failing to police influencer compliance with FTC’s rules

 2016 was marked with numerous cases when the US Federal Trade Commission went after advertisers whose influence or marketing efforts didn’t pass at transparency. By the end of the year, two advocacy groups filed a complaint  (PDF) with the FTC, requesting action against big companies like Disney and Google causing child-directed influencer marketing.

  • Lacking a detailed campaign plan

Before a person conducts social media outreach and start working with an influencer, one needs to find a  clear vision of the campaign in question. Be determined, set measurable and achievable goals, and list the main points to consider. Having a detailed plan will give the campaign a vital dose of purpose and navigation, and ensure that both the company and the influencer can work together towards  achieving a goal instead of just posting aimlessly.

  • Making the collaboration a one time deal

 Just because one campaign ended according to the expectations, one cannot guarantee that some other influencer would be the right fit and help in achieving the goals again. When an influencer is found  that fits all the criteria and perfectly promotes the business then the focus is on establishing a long-term relationship. Future influencer campaigns may feel more natural as they may understand the brand.

  • Not putting measurement mechanisms in place

When measuring the influencer marketing campaign, one needs to keep the goals as a priority. Generically, the goals will fall into one of the three stages of the marketing funnel- awareness, consideration and action. Set effective goals within these phases of the funnel and measure your attainment of them by analyzing relevant areas of interest.

Influencer campaigns can work effectively for brands and businesses when run with complete efforts. It’s vital to avoid the common pitfalls that can prevent you from achieving your desired results. Once you know how to avoid them, you have successfully achieved the aim of influencer marketing and henceforth achieved your goals!


Influencer marketing is a collection of old and new marketing tools, taking the idea of a celebrity endorsement and then placing it into a modern day content marketing campaign. The main difference arises is that the result of these campaigns are usually collaboration between brands and influencers. Influencer marketing is when companies partner with influencers in order to increase brand awareness or conversions among a specific targeted audience.  The aim and core of influencer marketing is to identify the influencers in your niche and make them capable to work for the companies by promoting their brand. 

A good example of influencer marketing would be the Youtube Pewdiepie. He collaborated with the makers of a horror film that was set in french vault under Paris, creating a series of videos in which he underwent challenges in vaults. It was pitch perfect content for pewdiepie’s 27 million subscribers and he received roundabout double the views on a daily basis.

 In india, influencer marketing is more accessible and measurable than ever before, and more marketers report finding it effective in achieving their goals.  The rising excitement over influencer marketing campaigns in India is highlighted in a new survey of over 500 brands and content creators. Being risk-averse, Indian consumers are increasingly relying on influencers and word-of-mouth to decide on their purchases. 

On average, more than two-thirds of marketers said they spend dollar 50,000 on each influencer campaign per year, per brand. And last year, most companies spent just 5% to 7% of their total marketing budget on influencers – although 73% of companies said their budget allocation would rise in 2019. A major appeal is that time spent on an influencer campaign is comparatively short, with most respondents saying they spent under 10 hours on average. The biggest single challenge cited by marketers is ROI, the survey found. The problem of calculating ROI on influencer spending was named by 46% of respondents, and only 4% listed ROI as the main attraction of influencer campaigns. One of the key difficulties, marketers said, is the huge number of fake followers in the sector. Finding influencers who have the right fit with a brand was the second most quoted challenge (42%). 

An influencer is an individual who has the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of their power, knowledge, position and relationship with their audience. An individual who has a following in a particular recess, which they actively work with. The size of the following depends on the size of the recess. Influencers act as brand advocates and produce quality content keeping their audience in their mind and work effortlessly towards distributing them in that manner which is understood and praised by consumers. They help to captivate them, which resultantly helps in retention.  The influencers in social media are the people who have made a reputation for their knowledge and perfection on a particular topic. They make regular posts about a topic on their preferred social media channels and generate huge followings of energetic engaged people who always pay close attention to their views.

Listed below are some types of influencers:

  • CELEBRITIES :-  Influencer marketing grew out of celebrity endorsement. Businesses have found for many years that their sales usually rise when a celebrity promotes or endorses their product. There are still many cases of business, particularly of high end brands, that use celebrities as influencers. The problem for most brands is that there exists so many traditional celebrities willing to participate in this kind of influencer campaign, and they are unlikely to come cheaply. The exception will lie  if a firm makes a product that a celebrity already likes and uses. In that situation, the celebrity may well be prepared to use his influence to say how good he believes the product to be. 
  • INDUSTRY EXPERTS AND THOUGHT LEADERS :- Industry leaders and thought leaders gain respect because of their qualifications, position, or experience about their topic of expertise. Often, this respect is gained more because of the reputation of where they work. If you are able to gain the attention of a journalist of a national newspaper, who in turn talks positively about your company in the article, then they are being used influencer in much the same way a blogger or a social media influencer. 
  • BLOGGERS AND CONTENT CREATORS:-  Many bloggers have built up sizeable followings in specific sectors. For instance, there are highly influential blogs about personal development, finance, health, child rearing, music, and many other topics, including blogging itself. The key thing successful bloggers have common in their mind is the respect of their readers.  Bloggers and YouTubers rarely rely only on their existing audiences to just turn up to their site hoping there is new material. They usually promote new posts or videos heavily on social media, which makes most of these bloggers and content creators micro influencers as well. 
  • MICRO INFLUENCERS :-  Micro influencers are normal everyday people who have become known for their knowledge about some specialist field. As such, they have usually gained a sizeable social media following amongst devotees of that niche. Of course, it is not just the number of followers that indicates a level of influence, it is also the relationship and communication that a micro influencer has with his followers. 

The question arises many times, How to find the right influencer for any business?

Steps to find the best influencer for their business:-


  • Increased reach of content  An influencer with a greater reach to his followers will always be a good choice. If they can influence their followers, they will definitely be a great success for any business.
  • Brand awareness  An influencer when posts on social media and can increase the brand value is definitely a good choice of influencer.
  • Blazing engagement  Engagement of audience is an important factor for any business to grow on any platform.
  • HIGHER RETENTION  An influencer who can engage with audience will definitely result out to be a good influencer. Higher retention is key to success.

Keep in mind your domain and your goals to know what kind of Influencer works best for any business.


Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in social media by the people known as social media influencers. Influencer marketing is helping big brands reach out to more people and it’s helping small businesses scale bigger by giving them more publicity. People often mix influencer marketing with content marketing and social media marketing. Influencer marketing is like a complete blend of old and new marketing techniques, taking the idea of the celebrity formalization and placing it into a modern day content activated marketing campaign.  

Influencer marketing involves using key words to spread your message to the larger market in an easy way. It selects people with large social followings who have impact over the target audience, then focuses on  marketing attempts featuring those key influencers. Influencer marketing works because it uses methods like the word of mouth marketing and social proof, which are now critical aspects of any successful marketing strategy. Customers trust their peers, friends, and people they admire more than the companies selling the products and services they buy and use.

Influencer marketing can contribute to a large portion of an unidentified marketing campaign. Influencer marketing is an investment, where you have to devote time to ensure that you find the right influencer to promote campaign that appeals to your target audience. A person may also have to spend money or resources to appreciate the influencer, run several campaigns, and depending more on their specific marketing goals.

An influencer is an individual who has the power to affect purchase decisions of other people because of their power, knowledge, position and relationship with their audience.An individual who has a following in a particular field, which they actively interact with, the size of the following depends on the size of the field chosen. Influencers in social media are people who have built an image from their knowledge and proficiency on a particular topic. They make regular posts on a topic on their preferred  social media channel and create large followings of energetic working people who pay close attention to their viewers.

Influencer marketing is growing rapidly these days.Being risk averse, Indian consumers are increasingly relying on influencers and word-of-mouth to decide on their purchases. This can be seen as an opportunity to influence  the available influencers to bring about more sales through the online platform.

To be able to influence, the influencer marketing provides a form of reassurance to the consumers that would definitely bring positive impact for your brand’s ROI. Influencer marketing is hence a great platform to reach out to Indian market, especially the young generation who constantly look online for reviews. These characteristics of the community makes the influencer marketing veruy effective in India. Indian Brands are leveraging on information gathered from digital and social touch points to gain better customer insights, improve customer experience and also for new product development.

Brands are advertising on the internet, socially and through mobile, and activating traffic across channels by linking the  various platforms that may attract the users to their digital touch points. Brands are also looking to create compelling content such as storytelling, contests to drive users to digital and social media channels.

Influencer marketing return on investment – the holy grail for brands wanting to justify increasing spending – is yet to achieve clear definition within this still relatively new sector of digital marketing. Influencer Intelligence’s latest report, Influencer Marketing 2020, reveals 84% of marketers feel proving the ROI is a big challenge in influencer marketing. As investment continues to rise, it’s inevitable that stakeholder demand for budget justification will increase in kind. 


  • Set campaign goals for accurate ROI tracking

Setting clear objectives and goals is the most important step for any market. Determining the goals  lets you determine what kind of influencers to work with, types of content, distribution platforms, etc.

  • Define benchmarks to measure the campaign performance 

One  doesn’t need to pick a single metric to understand whether they have achieved the goal. For instance, let’s say a person’s campaign objective is to increase the brand awareness. Their performance metrics could include number of impressions, clicks, brand mentions, follower growth, increase in brand engagement, etc. If a person is unsure of which metrics to choose, look at the common performance metrics used by other marketers.

  • Develop goals and performance benchmarks for individual influencers. 

It’s important to understand which influencers are contributing and which are lagging behind your expectations so you can focus on what works and cut resources spent on underperformers. Individual influencer goals must align with your campaign goals. For instance, let’s say your main campaign goal is to generate a certain revenue within a certain time frame. An individual influencer objective will  be to detail the minimum amount a person would generate within the time frame. 

  • Choose the influencer marketing platform

Rather than effortly tracking the campaign ROI, find the influencer marketing platforms that can help. These platforms will make it easier for you to accurately track your campaign performance and the performance of your influencers. Plus, you will free up time for other tasks that need manual involvement. 

  • Measure the influencers

While most brands measure the performance of the overall campaign, that usually is not enough. Select a group of influencers to start the campaign. Track each influencer’s performance at the start. Document the engagement rates for each influencer’s post and compare them to the collective group of influencers.

  • Assess the results

With the information about the performance of each influencer, you can filter out the poorly performing relationships and retain only the top-performing influencers. Add a few new influencers from your initial list and run the next short-duration influencer program using this new mix of influencers. Through this process, you can improve the effectiveness of your next campaign and run a successful influencer program for your brand.

The influencer marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on using key leaders to drive the brands message to a larger market. 


How often do we mix social media marketing and influencer marketing! Ironically, they aren’t the same at all.  It is basically a type of marketing that focuses on using key leaders to drive the brand’s message to the callous market.The aim and core of influencer marketing is to identify the influencers in your niche and make them capable to work for the companies by  promoting their brand. Rather than marketing directly to large group of consumers, it inspirits/hires/pay influencers to get a word for people.

There are basically 2 types of influencer marketing:

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Content marketing

Influencer marketing is the concept of absorbing key individuals to clout their influence between friends and family. Word of mouth marketing is a  platform by which the communication takes place personally or orally. So, almost all influencer marketing include word of mouth marketing by its default nature, but not all word of mouth marketing is activated by influencer campaigns. Over the last five years, brands have collaborated with social media influencers across channels to generate awareness, and influencer marketing grew from an ancillary marketing tactic to a dollar 5 to 10 billion dollar industry. 

In india, influencer marketing is more accessible and measurable than ever before, and more marketers report finding it effective in achieving their goals.  The rising excitement over influencer marketing campaigns in India is highlighted in a new survey of over 500 brands and content creators. Being risk-averse, Indian consumers are increasingly relying on influencers and word-of-mouth to decide on their purchases.

This should be seen as a platform to clout on the available influencers to bring more sales through the online platforms. To be able to credit on influencer marketing and  to provide a form of reassurance for the consumers it would definitely bring about positive impact on the brand’s ROI. Carried out by Bazooka, an influencer marketing company, the Influencer Marketing Outlook survey found that almost three quarters of brands (73%) said they aimed to increase their spend on influencer marketing this year. Instagram was the top choice for 69% of those asked; a considerable way behind came LinkedIn and TikTok, both with 8%.

The goals of influencer marketing are ;

  1. Attracting new customers to get the target audience
  2. Increasing repeat purchases
  3. Driving customer loyalty
  4. Maximising customer lifetime revenue
  5. Creating brand awareness
  6. Increasing brand value

Approximately 67.6% of marketers consider “funding relevant influencers” as their largest marketing campaign. Reason many companies struggle with influencer marketing is not that channel doesn’t work, it is often because their sponsored content is not thoughtfully planned, executed or authentically aligned with audience. 

Brands are using influencer marketing to expand their reach and increase the likelihood of resonating with their target audience. For example, a food brand might target influential food bloggers in a hope that they will write or Tweet about their products and promotions.

An influencer acts like a giant megaphone spreading a brand’s message to potential customers. Typically, these individuals hold a great deal of authority within certain communities and on some topics. An endorsement by an influencer means that prospective buyers are more likely to be receptive to a brand’s message.

Tech companies are regularly crediting influencers with large social media following on various social media channels to cut through the noise and reach the target audience. It is a highly drenched market, with new developments and products being released. 60% of audience on youtube are influenced by influencers in their purchase.

Consumers are increasingly looking forward for technology influencers for recommendations, reviews and tutorials to help educate them on market and guide their purchase. One of the biggest problems that companies run into in their marketing is that they fail to boost the passion of their target audience. Too often tech brands make the mistake of showing off their technical courage and forget the human side of their marketing. 

Brands previously used influencer marketing not only to connect with target audience but also to develop and grow their brands. Social media influencers are perfect mode interacting with consumers because they produce content that people want to see and promote.  Consumer tech brands are collectively selecting for influencer marketing. Influencer marketing has become one of the main strategies that tech brands are using to differentiate their consumer from the competition. 

A key finding of our Influencer Marketing Report 2019 states that the outlook for influencer marketing is extremely positive. Despite naysayers claiming that influencer market is dying, our respondents made their positive views for the practice strong. When approached with the correct mindset, influencer marketing can produce amazing  marketing campaigns. Whether you’re dealing with specialized gear or intangible products, adding the face of a well-known micro-influencer in your industry can be the perfect way to jazz up your online presence. 

In 2018, influencer has become common to social media success. After competing with brands like Apple and Android, brands like Samsung are adapting and using influencer marketing to promote consumer tech. Now, customers don’t want to hear from the marketing department, they want to hear from an influencer! The principal of using influencer  content is the same, no matter who the audience is, and what industry they operate within.

So long as you pick icons and micro influencers in some field, you’ll get your content out to the target audience and prove yourself as a brand. Ultimately, a memorable brand is a profitable brand.

Influencer marketing is a tricky landscape to traverse. Finding the right type of social media influencer is key to success, but knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Each influencer gets a score based on genuine engagement through their account, so it’s easy to throw out any fake or manipulated accounts.

You can then look at influencers of that audience as well to get even deeper results.  Influencers receive opportunities in their main screen for such things as free samples, paid posts, discounts and early access to things. They are also given the opportunity to apply to campaigns that interest them. Once a brand decides to use an influencer, that person creates some content and submits it for brand approval. Once the brand is approved it is up to the influencers to publish the content and share it with their audience or not.



Have you ever seen top Hollywood celebrities like Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp * Bollywood Celebrities like Shahrukh khan, Deepika padukone, Salman khan, Ranveer singh and several others posting about a brand and creating brand awareness. Why does a company needs celebrities to promote their brands and what is this process called? Influencer marketing, a sort of marketing that focuses on using key leaders to drive your brand’s message to larger market.

Rather than marketing directly to a large group of consumers, it inspires, hires and pays the influencers to get a world. In the recent scenario, even the sportsmen like Virat kohli, MS Dhoni, Rohit sharma and several others are also promoting numerous brands! 

Influencer marketing is the amalgamation of  old and new marketing tools, taking the idea of celebrity formalizations and placing it into a modern day content marketing campaign. The main difference is that the results of campaigns are usually collaborations between brands and the influencers.


The aim of influencer marketing is to identify influencers in your respective field and make them work by promoting the brand and creating brand awareness.

The core of influencer marketing lies in building a solid relationship to ensure mutual value relation.

The two forms of influencer marketing are social media marketing and content marketing that often go hand in hand. Most campaigns are some sort of social media component, whereby influencer is expected to spread through their personal social channels. Influencer marketing is when companies partner with influencers in order to raise brand awareness or conversions among a specific target audience. 

An individual with power to affect any purchase decision because of their power, knowledge, position or the relationship with the audience is known as an Influencer. An influencer is an individual with some following in a particular audience which they actively engage with. To be an influencer, a person has to love people before leading them.

When working with an influencer, brands have to let go and allow influencers control narrative to preserve the authenticity of what is being communicated. 60% of audience on youtube are influenced by influencers in their purchases.  The influencers on social media have been rising in today’s era.

Influencer marketing has recently become a popular protocol for a number of brands, whether well known big celebrities or micro influencers.  Approximately 80% of marketers find it very effective strategy to raise brand awareness.Simply telling, it is a tactic of leveraging the follower base of a social media influencer to sell your products. Biggest benefit of social influencer marketing is its inherent property of not being assertive. Social media marketing is radically different from traditional marketing strategies. 

Social media influencers have recently gained a lot of importance in the recent times. Instagram is one of  the most rising platforms and gaining importance too! Around 79% people find instagram the most reliable and effective platform and best for influencer marketing. 

Let us pen down some advantages of social media influencers that make it effective and more promising to raise brand value:

1.Social media marketing is not combative

Social media marketing is vague from recent market practices, it is not of combative nature. There’s no denying that advertisements are the most popular weapon for marketers using traditional strategies. However, consumers are tired and frustrated with these advertisements being displayed to them time and again. Hence, content shared by an influencer does not seem spammy or pushy to their followers. Even if an influencer post sponsored content, they won’t mind as long as it is done aesthetically.

2.Social media influencer marketing is credible

Successful social influencers spend about a considerable time and effort in getting the trust of their followers. This is definitely not achieved overnight. Influencers create an engaging story that attracts their followers. When followers are genuinely engaged, they are part of a long-lasting relationship with their influencers. When such a thing happens, it instills loyalty and trust in their minds. They believe in the person they are following. And they trust their advice and recommendations too.

3.social media marketing allows embrasure targeting

Every brand needs to reach new audiences consistently to market their products or services. But before you approach people with your products or services, it is important to know who you’re selling to. You should always try to attract and sell to a target audience who are extremely likely to be interested in your offerings. You can increase your chances of selling successfully when you target a niche audience with specific demographics.

4.Social influencer marketing boosts SEO

Every website in the world would like to gain a great ranking on search engines. However, the bad news is that there is no easy way to get a good rank. One of the most important factors that decide your search ranking is Domain Authority (DA). According to Moz, higher your DA more is the likelihood of your website getting a good rank on search engines. Moz says that building backlinks from other trusted pages which have a high DA, can boost your ranking too.

5.Social media marketing activates conversions

 81 percent of consumers frequently make purchases of products shared on social media. Social influencer marketing not only gives you quality leads but also drives conversions. A popular way of driving conversions using influencers is to incorporate a call-to-action on sponsored posts. This can be a discount code shared by the influencers on their posts. Not only does this provide value to their followers but also helps brands develop customers attention quickly.

6.Social media marketing generates relevant leads

Successful influencers always have some criteria in mind, based on which they create their strategy. A niche is what defines them. So if your products are directly related to an influencer’s niche, you can generate more relevant leads from influencer marketing.

Social media influencer marketing is an idea generator, trend mapper and a strategic compass for all of our online business ventures. Trends suggest it has been the most effective way of raising brand awareness, and is raising the bars of competition for different industries. Successful social media marketing is not built on impressions, but on relations!